Natural Paw Balm - Almond Oil, Olive Wax & Lavender


Use our natural paw balm to help soothe your dog's paws

Made from natural ingredients, meaning it's safe for your dogs to lick. Use the balm after walks or after their grooming routine. Suitable for all breeds and sizes. All developed and made in the UK.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Soothe your dog’s paws with our sweet almond oil infused natural paw balm to combat the effects of weathered paws, such as dry and cracks paws leading to discomfort
  • Easily applied with non-greasy feel and fast absorbing 
  • Can be used on paws, skin and nose
  • Lick safe 
  • Use after walks or part of your grooming routine

Our Natural Paw Balm is infused with nourishing sweet almond oil, olive wax and Lavender essential oils. With added hemp oil and Shea butter. The balm is designed to absorb quickly to leave dry areas feeling smooth and moisturised. Perfect for dry, cracked or sore paws. Our balm is also safe for use on dry noses and sensitive skin.


Olea europaea fruit oil, prunus dulcis oil, cera alba, butyrospermum parkii fruit, cannabis sativa seed oil, tocopherol, lavandula angustifolia oil, mentha piperita oil, linalool. 


Apply to dry paws, skin and nose. 


Q. Can I over-apply this product? A. No. It is an entirely natural, free from nasties product which can be applied as and when to suit needs.

Q. Will this product leave greasy marks on furniture or bedding? A. No. This balm is absorbed quickly by the affected area, ensuring safe use around the home and furniture.

Q. Is it puppy safe? A. Yes, this product is 100% natural and safe for puppies.