Coronavirus And Your Dog

Coronavirus And Your Dog

April 01, 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and with constant updates coming from every angle it’s hard to know what is a reliable source of information and what is actually just fake news.

Here at The Dog Doctors we have been doing some digging and would like to throw you a bone in the form of helpful information and ways we may be able to help you.

Can I take my dog to the groomer?


 The government has now advised that all travel must be essential, and as much as your poodle may be looking forward to their monthly perm, this unfortunately for them does not count as “essential”.

 Whether your dog is a well groomed Pomeranian or a “long hair and don’t care” bearded collie, we have a range of products which will help your dog stay looking and smelling fresh around the house.

From our range of shampoos and conditioners to our moisturising paw balm, our grooming range offers natural protection from the head all the way down to the paws.

See our grooming range here.

How can I keep my dog calm and relaxed when working from home?

With so many people now working from home, there will no doubt be at least one excitable dog in your temporary office space. Whilst it is always great spending quality time with your fluffy companion, a little chill time is also appreciated so you can concentrate on those emails.

Make sure you and your dog are still getting your daily exercise. It is important for both physical and mental health and will help your dog release some of their excitable energy. For your dog you working from home is like a dream come true, you may find that they are craving your attention and always eager to play.

We, at The Dog Doctors have some natural calming products which may give you a helping hand. Plug in our long lasting Natural Diffuser for around the clock lavender calming or try out our Natural Calming Spray which can be used as and when needed.

See our calming range here.

What if I need to take my dog to the vets?

The latest advice from the Government is that "all non-essential trips to vets should be avoided.” But “If your pet needs urgent treatment, you may take them." We offer a range of Healthcare products that can be delivered straight to your door, with next day delivery available if needed. 

There are a range of different products but to touch on a few: If your dog has a bad stomach we have a Tummy Settler that will relieve symptoms quickly, A Natural Flea Spray to keep ticks and fleas at bay with warmer weather on the horizon, and our best selling Mobility Plus Hip & Joint Supplement for those stiff joints.

See our healthcare range here.

Lucky for us, as of the 31 March the CDC reported that they “do not have evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19. They have also “not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19”.

Pets can have a significant positive effect on your mental health so having a furry companion during this time can be just what we need.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and looking after each other,

The Dog Doctors


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