What Does Brexit Mean For Travelling With Your Pet?

What Does Brexit Mean For Travelling With Your Pet?

February 09, 2021

Although travel is currently unavailable it doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited about it for when it’s possible!

We thought it would be a good idea to get clued up on all the latest changes for pet travel so you are well prepared for when it’s safe to travel again.  

There are new rules for pet owners when it comes to travelling with animals. Pet passports to travel to the EU are no longer valid. If you’re a pet owner travelling from England, Scotland and Wales, travelling to the EU or Northern Ireland, you must provide an Animal Health Certificate. An Animal Health Certificate serves the same purpose as the pet passport.

Your pet’s Animal Health Certificate must be signed and issued by a vet no more than 10 days before you travel. It confirms that your pet has been microchipped and vaccinated against Rabies. It is valid for 10 days after the issue date for entry, and for four months for re-entry into the UK. Every time you want to travel again you will need a new certificate. You can travel with up to five pets with Animal Health Certificates.

The only exception is if you are travelling to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Finland, Malta or Norway. If you are traveling to these places with a dog, you’ll need to have your pup treated for tapeworm as well as Rabies. This must be done one and five days before your arrival.

We hope this clears up any confusion you may have had around travelling to the EU with your pet.

We wish you happy travels when it is safe for us all to travel again!