Tummy Settler Fast Acting Diarrhoea Suspension


The Dog Doctors Tummy Settler is a premium supplement, specially formulated for dogs of all breeds and sizes suffering with diarrhoea.

Veterinarian formulated with natural ingredients, our advanced digestive supplement Tummy Settler has been proven extremely effective and in most cases will stop loose stool motions and diarrhoea after the very first use. Our research led product contains Montmorillonite, which has been proven more effective than the commonly used Kaolin in similar products of this nature.

Montmorillonite is a colloid, this is an electrically charged particle. Colloids naturally bind to toxins in your dog's digestive system, effectively removing them via the stool. This action helps dogs with allergies by binding and removing the toxins.

This formula will provide an effective supply of essential minerals which will improve your dogs recovery time and help restore normal digestive functions.

Easy to administer with included syringe. Administer directly into your dogs mouth or can be mixed into food.

Key Benefits:

✅ INSTANT RELIEF - In most cases will restore normal digestive systems after first use.

✅ Treats gassiness, itching, diarrhoea, constipation and loose stools.

✅ Relieves gastrointestinal inflammation and flatulence, with a fast acting soothing effect.

✅ Easily digestible with high absorbency ensuring fast action with immediate results. Research led product containing montmorillonite, proven more effective than Kaolin.

 TRY TODAY 100% RISK FREE - We are so confident you will love the results, all of our products come with a 100% refund, if not entirely satisfied!



Montmorillonite and Activate Attapulgite