Clear Ears Cleaning Solution


Ear build up in dogs is a common issue that can easily be cured with our gentle Clear Ear formula.

This product is designed for dogs that:

- Itch and scratch their sore ears.

- Suffers from debris (dirt/wax) building in their ear canals.

- Have unpleasant odour coming from their ears.

Key Benefits:

✅Naturally derived ingredients which have been carefully selected & balanced.

✅Scientifically developed formula.

 Non-irritating & effective at removing ear wax, dirt and debris and can be used to keep the ear canal clean and healthy which will help with the prevention of ear mites and yeast issues.

 PH balanced to work with your dogs natural defences. 

 Safe & Gentle Vet Recommended Ear Cleaner - To be used twice daily for 3 days. Then once per week or as directed by your Veterinarian for the removal of wax and debris.

 BRC Certified Manufacturer - Manufactured in a BRC Certified Facility.

TRY TODAY 100% RISK FREE - We are so confident you will love the results, all of our products come with a 100% refund, if not entirely satisfied!

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