Herbal Flea Repellent - Flea & Tick Protection

  • Effective flea and tick repellent with absolutely no nasties - unlike most flea treatments in the market this product contains no chemicals
  • Helps remove fleas and ticks from coat
  • Protection against Lyme Disease 
  • Puppy - friendly
  • Vegan - friendly
  • Formulated and recommended by veterinarians 
  • Fresh smelling with added coat conditioner 
  • 100% natural

Protect your pets with our completely natural Herbal Flea Spray, giving protection against fleas and ticks whilst having the additional benefit of being a great smelling cruelty-free coat conditioner.

With the  highest quality natural essential oil blend our pest treatment is proudly cruelty-free and vegan- friendly. 100% natural, containing no chemicals making it safe to be applied as much as necessary if your dog’s coat is prone to picking up fleas, ticks and lice, or if you live in an area with high exposure to ticks.

The treatment provides protection from threatening diseases contracted by insect bites and is is completely safe for use on puppies. 



Deionized Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, GlycerinSodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lemongrass Oil , Rosemary Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Thyme Oil.