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Spring Bundle

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Introducing our Spring Bundle, the essential collection designed to keep your furry friend happy and healthy during the vibrant spring season. This bundle includes three must-have products: Herbal Flea Spray, Coconut Wash-Dry Shampoo, and Probiotic Support, each tailored to meet your dog's needs as they enjoy longer and warmer adventures. 

  • Natural Protection Against Pests: Our Herbal Flea Spray offers complete protection against fleas and ticks while also conditioning your dog's coat with a delightful natural scent. This cruelty-free spray is safe for puppies and effectively wards off threatening diseases transmitted by fleas and ticks.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: Say goodbye to messy baths with our Coconut Wash-Dry Shampoo. This no-rinse foaming cleanser instantly refreshes your dog's coat and paws, leaving them soft, clean, and smelling fresh. Perfect for all breeds and coat types, it's a convenient solution for on-the-go cleaning after outdoor adventures.
  • Boosted Immune System: Keep your dog's health in top shape with our Probiotic Support daily supplement. Formulated to support digestive health and nutrient absorption, these bitesize chews boost the immune system and reduce the risk of illness and digestive issues.
  • Convenient Application Anytime, Anywhere: With our Coconut Wash-Dry Shampoo and Herbal Flea Spray, grooming becomes effortless. Simply apply as needed, no water required, for instant freshness and pest protection, making it ideal for busy dog owners or dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Wheat-Free and Natural: Our Probiotic Support is wheat-free and made with natural ingredients, ensuring it's suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities. By choosing this bundle, you're investing in your dog's overall well-being with safe, effective, and natural solutions tailored for the spring season.

Give your dog the care they deserve this spring with our essential Spring Bundle, designed to make grooming and health maintenance a breeze while keeping them happy and vibrant all season long.


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