3 Items You Can Recycle And Give To Your Dog

3 Items You Can Recycle And Give To Your Dog

June 22, 2019

In a world of too much waste, we should all make a conscious effort to recycle wherever possible. And where better to recycle, than handing down your used goods to your lovable dog who cares very little for the colour or branding of an item.

In this short blog, we give 3 examples of household items which we advise you take a minute before disposing of, and think if they can serve as any use to your dog, as either a toy, bedding or any other any other kind of pet care device.

Old T-Shirts

From time to time, most dogs will suffer from itchy skin for one reason or another. Excessive itching of the irritated area can lead to infection which then leads to a pricey trip to the vet.

A way to reduce the effects of itching is to donate an old t-shirt for your dog to wear until he or she stops the excessive itching, especially at times when the dog is left alone for long periods of time such as during the night. Use a T-shirt which is long enough to cover your dog’s body but not so long they trip on it whilst moving around.

We also recommend using a product on the wound / irritated area to help speed up the recovery process. In our health care range we offer a “Hot Spot, Cooling Aloe Vera Foam” which can easily be applied to wounds. The bitter tasting foam encourages them to not lick or bite the area whilst the aloe vera cools the irritation naturally. 

Old Pillows

Stuff-able dog beds are becoming ever more popular with dog owners for their practicality. Dog beds can be filled with just about any soft house hold item, however old pillows make a great, obvious choice. Also, awarding your dog with items which smell of their owners is always recommended as this will help in situations such as separation anxiety.  

Children’s Socks

It is common for a dog’s paws to become dry and cracked, leading to discomfort and possible infection. We recommend checking your dog’s paws whenever possible and applying a paw balm as treatment. In our health care we stock a completely natural paw balm with ingredients from the Peak District.

Apply a small amount of paw balm on a weekly basis, followed by a children’s sock placed over the paw, which will essentially act as a bandage.

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