Are You Protecting Your Dog Enough From Fireworks?

Are You Protecting Your Dog Enough From Fireworks?

October 22, 2020

What impact can fireworks have on your dog?

With Halloween and Guy Fawkes night just around the corner it’s good to know how fireworks can affect your dog and how best to prepare for them.

Around 60% of dogs show marked signs of distress when exposed to fireworks, your dog may well be one of them.

‘Firework phobia’ is becoming an increasingly serious welfare concern as so many dogs suffer terribly from severe psychological distress as a result of the stress that they suffer when fireworks are being let off in the vicinity. Unfortunately, you can’t control everyone around you to not let off fireworks so here are some tips for you to help keep your dog happy, safe and calm 

Top tips to keep your dog happy, safe and calm

1) Dog’s love a den - build a safe space where they can hide away from the noise

2) Use a calming diffuser in your home – plug in to release scents that will relax your dog

3) Don’t go out in the dark – make sure you walk you dog in the light before any fireworks begin.

4) Turn on the TV or radio – this helps drown out the sounds from outside.

5) Close all the windows and curtains to help stop any sounds or lights.

6) Stay calm and reward calm behaviour – if you are stressed your dog will feel that and get stressed themselves. Never scold your dog when they are acting distressed, but you can reward calm behaviour.

7) If your dog if severely distressed contact your emergency vet for medication to help your dog cope.

For more advice visit the Dogs Trust here & RSPCA here.