Top Tips To Prepare For Dog Adoption

Top Tips To Prepare For Dog Adoption

November 11, 2020

2020 has really shaken things up for us. People who once did not have the means to care for a dog have seen their time and responsibilities shift and now can bring that special addition into their lives. A great way to bring a dog into your life is by adopting or rescuing one. There are a lot of dogs that are in adverse situations so if you are someone who has the time and dedication to adopt a dog, you are making the world a better place, one dog adoption at a time.

As they say, a dog is not from Christmas, and this is very true. Before adopting a dog you have to fully understand exactly what goes into caring for a dog, and think if realistically you would be able to do it. A lot of thought and understanding must go into the decision.

1. Prepare your home - dog proof your home by stowing away items that could be unsafe (and that you don’t want chewed up!) Prepare anyone else who is living in your home. Also, if there are other dogs or cats, ensure you have a new-dog only zone so you give the animals time to acclimatise to each other and a space for the new pup to feel safe in.

2. Get supplies - ensure you have all the essentials like a collar and leash, as well as bedding and water and food bowls. Toys, treats and grooming supplies are also great to have ready for your new dogs arrival.

3. Plan when to bring them home - ensure you have as much time at home with your new dog as possible to help them settle and get to know and trust you as quickly as possible.

4. Explore the house and garden firstly on a leash - this will allow them to explore and sniff around while you can maintain a little control to ensure they do not try to mark their territory inside the house. You can lead them to a spot in the garden and reward them when they use the area successfully.

5. Begin training - dogs love to be engaged with and they will be excited coming into their new home. Use this energy to start training right away with yummy rewards. It helps you create a strong bond with your dog which is so important for them to feel happy and settled.

6. Trip to the vets- register and visit a veterinarian for a full health check up. Ensure all vaccines are up to date and that your new dog is happy and healthy.

For more advice visit the RSPCA here.