Is your dog dragging its bum?

Is your dog dragging its bum?

April 26, 2022

Inflammation of the anal glands is an extremely common problem dogs experience. Anal glands are two small sacs on either side of your dog's anus. Normally, they are emptied each time your dog has a bowel movement however they can become easily blocked, causing inflammation and infection. The area can become itchy and painful, and dragging, or scooting of the rear is the result. So, if your dog is doing this…they are trying to tell you something!

The Dog Doctors veterinary formulated Scoot Solution, Anal Gland Relief provides a simple and effective remedy to this common problem, reducing the need for an expensive trip to the vets. Easily administered, these bite-size chews have an enticing chicken and bacon flavour dogs love which will improve your dog’s gut health meaning no more inflamed anal glands.

A proprietary blend of Beet Pulp, Flaxseed and Psyllium Husk, with Dandelion Root and Pumpkin Powder are the five magic, all natural ingredients which work together to promote a healthy digestive system, maintaining regular bowel function and prevent blockage of the anal sacs. So, let’s take a closer look at how these ingredients are helping your dog...

  • Beet Pulp is rich in fibre that promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut. Fibre, or roughage, is a plant material that cannot be absorbed, and it essentially bulks up your pet's stool to make them firm, ensuring an easy passage through the gut. Beet Pulp is especially good for dogs with diarrhea because it absorbs excess water and waste, reducing irritation to the anal sacs.
  • Flaxseed is a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which help skin hydration, promote healing and reduce inflammation. All of which will help improve anal sac irritation. It's also one of the good guys when it comes to carbs. The 20% soluble fibre helps regulate the speed of digestion, while the 80% insoluble fibre adds bulk to your dog's stool which leads to healthier bowel movements.
  • Psyllium Husk is a natural supplement that comes from the Plantago plant. Its bulk forming laxative properties help to absorb toxins in dogs suffering from constipation, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome. It's a soluble fibre which, when mixed with water, will swell and stick together allowing for easy elimination of waste products and toxins.
  • Dandelion Root. Don't dismiss the dandelion. It's much more than a weed that invades your otherwise pristine lawn. Often referred to as a superfood, the dandelion is an excellent whole-body tonic for your dog. The dandelion root itself has a proven ability to stimulate bile production and circulation throughout the liver. The gallbladder, where the bile is stored, is also stimulated and bile is then released into the digestive system. This encourages a smooth flow and acts as a gentle laxative to promote the elimination of waste.
  • Pumpkin Powder has long been used in herbal medicine. It is loaded in unsaturated fats, Vitamin E and most importantly for your dog's anal gland discomfort, fibre, both soluble and insoluble. This high fibre supplement helps to bulk your pup's stools and make them easier to pass.

These five all natural ingredients, with their various combinations of fibre and fatty acids, help to bulk your dog’s stool. As your dog poops, pressure is put on the anal glands and the fluid inside is expressed which helps to protect against inflammation, infection and blockage.

In addition to all the great stuff above, these chews also contain Salmon Oil, which comes with a wide range of benefits for your dog’s skin and coat condition. What’s more, it also supports cognitive function!

The Dog Doctors Scoot Solution, Anal gland Relief can be given to dogs of all sizes and breeds over 12 weeks old. One chew should be administered per 9kg of your dog’s weight. For more information on feeding, view Scoot Solution, Anal Gland Relief product guide tab.

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