Top Tips On Introducing A New Dog To The Family

Top Tips On Introducing A New Dog To The Family

April 23, 2020

In this time of home isolation a lot of people are having the same idea and deciding it is now the perfect time to add a new furry member to the family. Whether you are thinking of adoption or buying a puppy, introducing them to your current pets can be a worry. Here we share some of our top tips for introducing a new dog into the family. 

Tips of introducing a new dog to current pets:

  1. It is always a good idea for the dogs to meet in a neutral environment in which your current dog doesn’t feel is their territory. On your usual walk is ideal. 
  2. It is advised to keep both dogs on a lead whilst introducing them in case one gets spooked and runs away. 
  3. Puppies ideally should not be held in your arms as this could cause you other dog to feel jealous and as a result feel anger towards the new pup.
  4. It is important that you allow the dogs to smell each other and get to know each other. Don’t fret if your puppy is nervous and shy, this is natural.
  5. Buy your older dog a new toy as this can distract their mind and help with jealousy. 
  6. When on the walk make sure to give both dogs equal amounts of love and affection. 

Before you welcome your new dog or puppy into your home there are a few things that would be good to get ready in order for both dogs to feel content and comfortable. 

Tips for preparing your home before you welcome your new dog or puppy:

  1. Have two separate food bowls - this will ensure that there is no competition between your dogs at meal time.
  2. Buy a new bed for the puppy so the older dog still has its own personal space.
  3. Get the puppy it’s own toys so that it will not want to take the older dogs' toys.

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